A journey is seldom taken alone and rarely left untold. It is often a step into the dark, on an uncharted path. Along the way you are likely to stumble and your conviction will be severely tested. If you are lucky you may find someone who will understand the aim of your endeavor. If not, you have to go it alone. Hope, faith and strength of character will shed light upon your path and you will find the courage to keep going. When you look back you will surprise yourself. You will see the norms you challenged in an attempt to understand the journey of life in a fresher and more meaningful perspective.

When we set off on our journey with home educating our children over 12 years ago, we had not anticipated it would have all of the above features. We knew we wanted their learning to be based on the education philosophy of Vedic India. The rest was still to come, we had asked for it!

The Vedic system of education in India viewed every child as a divine being possessing certain qualities and values within. The true meaning of education was to draw out these qualities, enable the child to reach his true potential and discover his inner self. The approach was holistic. The mind, body and spirit were all nourished. Wonder and curiosity so evident in a child was satisfied through experiential education. The focus on character building worked towards strengthening mind and body. Self development was achieved through a growth in inner and outer beauty.

Sounds good, but how do you translate such a thought into action given a different time, place and situation? Incidentally there is no one way to achieve it.

If you have stumbled upon this page, chances are you too are on a quest of your own and our paths happen to cross here. Welcome aboard! Through this site I hope to share the ideology behind home education and also our attempts with application of the thought so it may reflect in our lives. May we inspire each other and make this world a better place.











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